The world needs YOU to flourish

Hi, I’m Arlene

I am a coach, writer, homeopath, mama, and raving fan of Mother Earth.

I help big-hearted, multi-passionate & creative women root themselves in what matters, tend to it ongoingly and flourish.

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How I can help you


Can’t see the wood from the trees? There’s something you dearly care about but finding it hard to clarify what it is?

The Visioning session will help you gain clarity and root yourself in what matters most to you.


You know what matters but all the other day-to-day stuff and demands on your time are getting in the way.

Ask me about 1-to-1 coaching packages or group programmes to help you create more balance and discover new, sustainable ways of operating day-to-day.

Online Hub

Fancy some practical inspiration NOW?

Head over to my online hub, The Flourishing Woman, where you”ll find FREE articles & resources.

Also details of online courses and group coaching programmes.

All designed to help you flourish in your everyday.

It all starts with a free discovery call to explore how we might work together and see if we’re a coaching match. Please get in touch: arlene@arlenefl.com

Our future generations need us to start living another way.

They need us to redress the balance: to flourish in our own everyday lives so that we can be who we were meant to be, and make the difference we want to make.

I’m here to support and inspire YOU to create a new way of operating for yourself.


What People Say

“Arlene Lyne is an oustanding coach.  She listens, engages and empowers her coachees to understand and manage the things which trouble or challenge them.  She is commited to making genuine progress with each session.  Arlene combines compasion with a desire to support change.  She helped me to navigate through a business start-up at a time when I was experiencing some difficult domestic circumstances.  I feel that I understand myself better and am in a better position to realise my potential as a result of having worked with Arlene.”

Nicola J

“The session allowed me to articulate feelings that have been holding me back for a long time. These were feelings which I couldn’t make sense of and the impact of these feelings were not being able to move on in my life as the person I truly am. The session allowed me to see the wood from the trees. I could see more clearly who I was and the life I want.”

Sinead B


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