Keeping it real

It was US election Day yesterday. I just remembered. They’ll have finished up voting in all the states now. God bless America. She needs it right now like the rest of us.❤️

For now, I’m choosing not to look at the news of the latest predictions.  Instead I’m staring at a montage of inspiring visuals and words.

I sit facing my noticeboard as I write. Although ‘noticeboard’ implies reminders of things to do, there is none of that. Mine has,

  • two vision boards – a general life one and a work one
  • a New Internationalist calendar which features a different inspiring woman each month. FYI this month’s pin up is Tarana Burke, founder of the MeToo movement
  • pictures and photos that call me in some way, like the cut out of a house which sits in a Celtic landscape near a sea estuary surrounded by a productive vegetable garden. Or the postcard of a llama with a unicorn horn sent as a thank you note from a friend. 🙏🏼😂
  • a theatre token which reminds me of the things I dearly look forward to when lockdown lifts
  • and some words, such as my current favourite question: What would ‘this’ look like if it was easy?

I think of these as notices from my soul to my soul.

The world, both inner and outer, may be La La at times, but there are a few key practices which help me stay centred.

Being mindful of the information I take in each morning is one of the ways I keep it real for myself.

I stopped watching the news many years ago. I stopped listening to it or reading about it before 9am.

I come in here each morning to stretch and meditate. I usually sit down at this desk at some point every day. These are the subliminal messages I’m giving my brain.

I start my day taking in what matters to me, filling my tank ready for the day ahead, loving myself first so I can show up in the way I want to throughout the day ahead.

This is how the flourishing woman starts her day: rooting herself in what really matters.

I’m wondering, how do you root yourself, dear friend?

Wishing you inner strength and resilience as you go about your day.

Let’s flourish together.

Arlene x

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