Why bother with self-care?

Taking time for your life. Investing in yourself. Me time. Whatever you call it, why bother?

It’s easy to go down the route of thinking that there’s more important stuff to be spending your time on. Or simply to get caught up in the amount to do, and get to the end of the day and feel tired, resentful or some version of ‘Is this it?!’

A number of years back I did some of Landmark Education’s personal development programmes.

For me it was a fundamental part of equipping myself with tools to create my life rather than feel at the behest of it. 

There were various expressions used throughout which have stuck with me.

One such is, ‘the context is decisive’.

I’m not even sure if I can do justice to the understanding of this concept, but what I retained is that my WHY is the most valuable driver of my behaviour. I’ll get out of bed, show up and do whatever it takes when I’m connected to my true why.

So why am I bothering to get up each morning and write this blog?

To help foster more love and connection in the world❤️🌍.

You see, my hope is that when you read this, you feel like you have a friend in your ear, bigging you up, being your champion.

Something you read resonates and you remember your true self.


‘Once you know how to come home to yourself, then you can open the door to other people.’

Thank you, Thich Nhat Hanh!🙏🏼. Couldn’t say it better myself😉.

So there you have it – just in case you needed a reminder of the value of your own self-care today, dear one.

It truly is okay to love yourself first.

On which note, I am going to take a little longer getting ready this morning and enjoy a hot bath before starting work🛀🏽.

Let’s flourish together!💃🏻💃🏻

Arlene x

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