Enjoy the little things

Sundays have been a yo-yo kind of a day for me.

As a teenager, Sundays were a drag.

I grew up in an area of Northern Ireland where everything (and I mean EVERYTHING!) was shut on Sundays. The roads were quiet apart from church traffic. Some families even had a no tv policy that day.

It felt B-O-R-I-N-G!😴

During my twenties in Manchester & London, Sundays took on a while new personality: a long lie in, brunch at a cafe, afternoon cinema with friends😄.

Then in my 30’s I didn’t like Sundays again. Everyone else seemed to be spending it with their kids and it highlighted the family we didn’t yet have😢. 

But now, in my late 40’s, I love Sundays again. As I write this it’s grey, it’s wet, its midday and I am still in my pyjamas. Little one is playing with dough. Husband is mending the fridge door. I have been out for a dog walk – waterproofs over pjs😉 – dinner is the slow cooker, and I am writing.

I fly the flag for Family Sundays in our family. My husband likes to ‘do’ things – as you can tell by the fridge door. I’m okay with that as long as, A) it doesn’t involve me, and B) we still have half a day where the 3 of us just chill out together.

There’s a quote on the family collage we created a few years back which says,

Enjoy the little things, one day you’ll remember they were the big things.

This is a day when I’m especially present to the little things😊.

I’m aware that we all have different family situations and right now, with COVID restrictions, it can feel especially lonely for some. Regardless of your situation, I hope you can find a way to enjoy the little things for yourself, dear one.

Let’s flourish together,❤️❤️

Arlene x

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