Finding your rhythm

Monday morning. The start of a new week. Or is it?

We live in a society where we’ve created an endless sense of being ‘on’. Shops open 24 hours and internet sites making things available anytime, on demand. People struggling to switch off from their work – whether that be the paid or the unpaid type.

As a society we’ve lost sight of the natural rhythms.

At the same time, as we wake up to the impact of our way of living on the planet – thank you Sir David🌎 – we’re collectively remembering our love for planet earth. We care.❤️

What if there was another way of living day-to-day? One that was in harmony with the earth’s rhythm?🤔

I wrote yesterday about how I fly the flag for Sunday downtime: to rest, recharge and reflect.

I used to wonder if Sunday was the first or the last day in the week, and have now come to see it as both. Sunday evening is when my switch over happens. I’ll get stuff ready for school, do the ironing while listening to podcast and think about my week ahead.

It’s part of my rhythm which has my life work.

There are other natural cycles which I harness to create ease in my life.

When I was still menstruating, awareness of my monthly cycle and where I was in it, became a key part for managing my calendar. I knew that I’d have low energy and feel inner near the time when my flow started – day 1. Correspondingly, I’d feel expansive and able to get loads done around the time of ovulation.

I’d keep my dairy light around day 1. I’d find ways to have a day off – I called it my Red Tent day after Anita Diamant’s book of the same title. I’d shift social engagements so that I could keep an evening after work, or a day at the weekend, free to take it easy, sleep more and generally nurture myself.

If I was working on a project new which required more energy and clarity, I’d weight the time for that around mid cycle.

These days I use the moon as my cycle. Th new moon is the time for being inner and the full moon is when it all happens.

There’s also the cycle of the seasons.

In the northern hemisphere, we’re full on in autumn, heading towards winter. The daylight is decreasing as the darkness gathers.

Trees stripped bare, plants died back. The energy has gone below the ground. It’s all about the deep dark soil.

Traditionally, this is seen as a time when the veil between the two worlds is at its thinnest. A time to access our inner wisdom: to dream and gather ideas for the next annual cycle.

Yesterday was a Sunday, a new moon and it’s late autumn. A cycle, within a cycle, within a cycle. Which is why I spent it in my pj’s, taking time to eat, watch a movie, and thinking about what matters most in this next moon cycle which takes us to just before winter solstice.

I’ve been consciously living this way more and more over the last decade or so and you know what? When I do I have more energy and ease. No brainer!

I wish that for you too, dear reader.🙏🏼

Let’s flourish together!

Arlene x

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