Procrastinating? Stuff a drainpipe!

Do you find yourself putting off taking action until you have it all worked out?

Hands up from me on that one!🤚🏼

A number of years back, a friend was encouraging me to keep taking action to make something happen. He shared an analogy which I’ve found useful: think of it like stuffing stuff in a drainpipe. You keep stuffing stuff in and then one day something pops out the other end.  It may not look like anything you stuffed in, but it will be something!

Last week I sent out emails to existing contacts to let them know about my new email address and and invite them to sign up at my new website.😊

I was curious what might come back. 

One of the first responses was from a creative writing tutor saying she’d just been about to contact me. She asked if I’d be interested in being part of a writing collective which would be both a support for our own writing and at the same time an opening for my coaching work. 

Didn’t see that one coming!

One of my recent clients was a performance artist balancing her existing paid work with the development of her one woman show. She’s on fire…and I’m looking forward to the tickets being released! 

Working with her reminded me how much I LOVE supporting others to nurture their creativity, to find ways to take care of it, at the same time as taking care of themselves.

So here was an opening to offer that to lots more creatives. I said a big, fat YES!!🤗

Separately, I got an email from a homeopathy client I saw many years back who now lives in a different country. Nothing to do with the emails I’d just sent out. She’d retained an old email address of mine and got in touch. The issue which she’d seen me about all those years back had recently recurred. She’d tried seeing a local homeopath and the conventional medical route but no joy, Please could I help? 

While my head thinks, ‘no that’s not in line with what I’m offering these days’, my heart knows that I also write at the top of the page each morning when I start writing: ’how can I be of service?’❤️

Homeopathy is such a natural expression for me. I’ve found myself saying lately how it feels odd that I’m not practicing anymore. At the same time I’m clear that I love my current work and I don’t want go back to practicing homeopathy the way I used to.

But what if there was another way?🤔

I’ve had a recurring idea of late that I’d like to offer it as an add-on to those who’d welcome it as part of their transition journey. I haven’t done anything about it as, TBH I assumed it would require work to set it up!

Lo and behold, here’s an opportunity to try it out.🙏🏼

So there you have it: a glimpse of what ‘stuffing a drainpipe’ can look like.

I wonder what you’ll stuff in your’s? And what will pop out the other end?

Hope you have fun trying.😀

Let’s flourish together!

Arlene x

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