Creating some ease for yourself

Regardless of what your focus is on right now – creativity, a health goal, a work project – it likely involves some sort of balancing act with other areas of your life.

How do you give yourself to what really matters AND get the other stuff done?

And keep space to take care of yourself, to dream, to have fun?

Here are 3 simple structures I’ve been using on a weekly basis to create some ease for myself.

1. Agree timings with significant others 

My husband and I have a check in at the start of the week: who’s doing which drops offs, pick ups and bedtimes. We write it on a family calendar which is displayed in a prominent position in the kitchen – near the sink!

This practice takes about 10 minutes.

2. Meal planning

I do a big shop for dried goods and essentials once a month. Then go to the greengrocers on a Friday or Saturday each week. 

On Sunday evening or Monday morning, I’ll open the fridge, the cupboards and the freezer, take a good look inside, then sit down and make a list of possible meals. I think of it as my menu!😋

I have a simple whiteboard weekly meal planner. I’ll wipe it clean and put our daughter’s school meals on first – to ensure a bit of variety in her intake! Then I fill in the other spaces with meals from the menu list.

I’m in a groove now where we usually know that pasta works well on certain evenings. I also play around with it at times, leaving space for ready-steady-cook style evenings depending on what else I have on that week.

It’s not set in stone. I can change my mind any day! But having it prevents that 4:30pm ‘what are we going to have for dinner?’ energy drain.😳

This practice takes me 15 minutes.

3. Request that which would enrich life

In a recent post I asked what was the one thing that you most want to give your energy to between now and the festive break? Mine is daily writing. To that end I have requested that husband takes care of our daughter’s wake-up routine and breakfast.

I start my day literally attending to the thing that matters to me.

I know structures can occur as boring. I have resisted them myself in the past. Thing is, I notice the difference when I put them in place and when I don’t!

Also, you’re not marrying them! You can date them for a week, see what works. Review them when your priorities change.

What structures might create some ease for you this week?🤔

Let’s flourish together!❤️❤️

Arlene x

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