The time for dreaming has begun

As the energy contracts, it’s time for that final letting go.

The last of the leaves are falling🍂. The sweet chestnut are gone. There’s a few left on the beech tree. The silver birch looks odds on for last to release.

The bare bones of the garden are revealing themselves.

There are some things you probably already know that you want to care for over the winter, maybe even invite more of into your life.

My neighbour was planting more Ballerina tulips in her garden yesterday🌷. I remember seeing them earlier this year. Their vibrant orange colour, delicate structure and longevity brought such joy during Lockdown.

So, a few key actions still being taken out there in the precious daylight hours, the last of the shedding taking place, but the energy is mainly focused beneath now.

It’s time to go deep, to embrace the darkness and allow your desires to reveal themselves.

I find they come thick and fast at this time.

Maybe create a special place to note these ideas down as they come:  a page in your journal, a note on your phone.

The time for dreaming has begun.

Arlene x

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