Being surprised

Edward, It’s just that very few people surprise me.

Vivian, Well you’re lucky. Most of ‘em shock the hell outta me.

Richard Gere & Juliet Roberts characters in the film Pretty Woman

Edward clearly wasn’t hanging out with children….

Since becoming a mum, life’s highs got higher😀… and the lows got lower.😱 One of the highs for me is when I find myself dumbfounded: my assumptions laid bare and blasted away in the same instant.

Take yesterday for example. My daughter was playing in the garden with her friend. There’d been an earlier meltdown and TBH I was on alert hoping to avoid another.🤞

I’m in the kitchen tidying up something or other, keeping one eye on the garden bouncing. Next minute child friend gets off the trampoline, runs up to the back door and throws it open.

I’m thinking, ‘Oh no, what has daughter done?’

She steps inside and shouts, ‘Come and see the sunset!’ and then runs back down the garden.

I’m speechless. I close my mouth, and head to the door, chuckling to myself, ‘I did not see that coming!’😂

They then ask to borrow my camera to take selfies with the sunset in the background.🙄🤣

Just now this morning, there was a knock on the door of the room where I’m currently sat.

It was good-morning-I’m-awake cuddle time.

Daughter’s standing there holding a small book she borrowed from my shelf yesterday evening. At the time I thought it was all some role play. She’s 6, the books called Native American Wisdom and there are no pictures.

She holds the book up to my face.

‘How was it?’ I ask, carrying on the role play.

‘Good’, she says. ‘There are some beautiful words in here’.

‘Oh’,’ I say, at the same time thinking, ’I know this. We’re doing Matilda’. We have had said audio book on repeat for many months now in the car.😳

‘Any in particular?’ I ask, playing the benevolent librarian role rather well I think.

‘Yes, I like this song one.’

She flicks through the pages to one titled Hopi, sits down on a chair and reads to me in the softest, gentlest voice.

It’s a corn blessing song with yellow butterflies, pollen-painted faces, wild bees hum and rushing rain.

I stood for a moment, mouth once again open. Then sat down on the floor and listened, in awe of my greatest teacher.

I have much to learn.🙏🏼

Let’s be more Vivian.💃🏻❤️

Arlene x

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