How do you take it easy when the rest of the world isn’t?

We all have times when rest calls us.

Maybe you’re at a certain point in your cycle where your energy naturally feels lower. Maybe you’ve been going at a pace in life lately and it’s catching up with you. Maybe you’ve been feeling some big feelings of late and need some space to process them.

Whatever the reason, how do you create a gentler day for yourself when the rest of the world is still going at a pace? When Black Friday sale frenzy is permeating the airwaves?

Right now, Mother Earth is slowing down. Resting. Regenerating. The wheel of the year will turn, the energy will pick up and growth will occur again.

Therein lies the key: THE WORLD WILL KEEP ON TURNING.

It’s okay for me to take it easy.

Rest cycles are a natural and essential part of life.

Once you’ve given yourself permission to rest, how to set your day up to match?

Here are a few questions to help get you started.

What would it look like if today was easy?

What would I need to give up in order to invite ease in to my day?

What is the one thing that matters to me today?

How can I tend to that with ease?

If I secretly knew the answer, how would I create some space in my day?

Who do I need to let know of the changes in my schedule?

Let’s flourish together…gently.

Arlene x

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