Transition day

Mondays used to be the day when I got sh*t done. The big push at the start of the week.

Get ahead on ‘the list’.

Years back (two decades in fact!😮) they were when I’d get in to the office early, and pull together a trading report on the previous week’s performance to present to the FD at 9am.

Sometimes I’d get in to find there were extra challenges to be overcome – tech issues, data download issues. The pressure was on!

I’d come back down from the directors’ floor shortly after 9 to the rising hum of chatter about weekend activities, and the smell of hot beverages. I’d sit down, breath out…and wonder what was for lunch!🤪

More recently, Mondays had once again become about getting ahead with work, my own this time. Although now with the leftovers of the family weekend to deal with as well. Too much!

I needed to find a new rhythm.

These days I allow myself the space to transition.

I take time to walk my daughter to school and then have a longer walk for myself after, usually along the estuary or through woods. I do some tidying and getting the house in order. Then Monday afternoons are special time with my daughter.

By Monday evening, I’m ready to start my work. That’s when I’ll get specific about what I’m going to do this week and prepare for upcoming sessions.  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are my core work days.

It can take time to find our rhythm.

It can take time to transition in to the new week.

When are the hotspots in your week? When might some transition space benefit you most? How can you create that for yourself?

Wishing you a gentle start to your week, however that looks for you.

Let’s flourish together!

Arlene x

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