First of December. Daughter has just opened door one of her Lego Friends calendar. Me? I’m excited about lights.💡💡

I used to be resistant to any form of Christmas decoration before Christmas Eve. In a bid to keep the commercialism at bay and to protect the specialness of the festive break, I insisted on the decorations going up on Christmas Eve and down again on 6th January.

It’s different these days. Partly due to nurturing a young child’s sense of wonder and excitement, but also as my own relationship to nature and love of seasonal rituals has grown.

For me it’s all about the lights and greenery!💡🌲

A couple of weeks ago my husband took down a huge fir tree which had outgrown itself in the garden. The top of it is now in position as a massive Christmas tree on the deck at the back of the house.

Meanwhile, on Sunday I moved a small comfier tree and holly bush to a more prominent position in the front garden. Yesterday the extension cable was put in position and today the lights are going on.

Inside we’ll be lighting an advent candle…. and getting creative with 4 bumper packs of tea lights. Thank you IKEA!😉

I’ve been loving watching the dawn each morning of late.  As the hours of darkness increase, it feel special to witness the daily coming and going of the precious light.

Today I’ll be celebrating that light🌞 and all it represents for Mother Earth and her inhabitants.🌎🐝👭🐳🐖

Will you join me? 

Let’s flourish together!

Arlene x

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