You know it’s in there. A heaviness which holds you back from being your fullest expression of yourself.

Maybe you’ve even been ‘working on it’ for a while: seeing a therapist; communing with your journal. Maybe you’ve (finally!) been taking notice of the signals your body has been sending you. ‘Could there be something else behind this chronic condition?’🤔

Then one day, boom! You feel your heart crack open.💔

It could be a smell. A photo on social media. It could be that you get to ‘that’ session in your therapy. Something fits the lock of the portcullis and before you know it, you find yourself knocked over as that which lies within rushes out.

Out they come, staggering, their forearm over their eyes as they adjust to the light. This being who has been residing in there all this time.

You see them. 

‘Oh no!’, you think.

‘Get back in there!’, you shout.

They turn and look at you square in the eye.

‘Really?’ their eyebrows ask.

You hold each other’s gaze, a smile comes, and then they turn and walk.

And it that moment, after years, you feel…something. 

‘Is that..an ache?’

‘Oh, hello dear heart, you old friend.’❤️😭🤗🙏🏼

So now what?

Check to see if there’s anyone else still in there? Hand in your resignation as guard? Give the place a deep clean?

We can set ourselves up for our day, creating the optimal conditions to flourish. But some days it’s the bigger stuff that needs space. 

What would it look like to create some heart space for yourself, dear friend?

A phone call to a bestie? A walk in nature? A browse through old photos? Writing about it?

However it looks go gently and remember,

When the heartache has gone

You know that you’ll be stronger

You’ll find all the answers

Revolution Saints

Let’s keep the faith and flourish together!💖💖

Arlene x

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