Powerful question🤔

Going round and round in circles inside your head? Trying to figure out a way forward?

Maybe you’re struggling to make time for what really matters in your life?

Full day ahead and wondering how to make it all work AND feel alive while you go about it?😳

Welcome to my question of the moment!

What would it look like if ‘this’ was easy?

Take a moment, just a moment, and ask yourself this question about whatever you’re dealing with. 

What instantly comes to mind?

BTW, there are no right answers here!

Can you give yourself permission to play with it?

If you secretly knew the answer, what would that be?

It can help to imagine a third person answering it for you. Maybe a wise someone in your life. Or a virtual mentor. This can be anyone out there (alive or dead) who you admire and you reckon has a wise take on life. Nelson Mandela is one of mine😊

Seems too simple? What if it actually is?!

Wishing you ease in your day however that looks for you.

Let’s flourish together!🤗🤗

Arlene x

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