Who matters to you?

Are you the type of person who enjoys her own company? I am! I love long stretches of time on my own. I’ve been on solo wild camping trips. I enjoy meals on my own. I go walking every day on my own…well, me the dog, and nature!😉

So I truly understand the sheer joy of time alone.

AND I love being with others.

When Lockdown started back in the spring, it was obvious who I wanted to hang out with on Zoom of an evening.

Two of my long standing besties and I started meeting weekly for an hour.

More recently, I was invited to join a writers collective. I knew this was a tribe I wanted to be part of and said yes to the bi-weekly meetings and active What’s App group.

Something old, something new. 

Something in the middle? The Huddle. 

About six years ago I started meeting once a month with two other colleagues working in the same field. Our inaugural meeting was in my woodland cabin. We created a shared vision for our ‘huddles’, including an agreement for how we’d show up for each other.

It soon became clear that putting in a boundary between work and the rest of life was not going to work for us. ‘Life’s work’ more like!😂

Over the years we’ve held space for each other as our journeys have unfolded. We’ve listened, shared, laughed, cried, offered reflections and ideas on all sorts as requested and dropped support parcels at each others’ doors.

This year we’ve had early morning meet-ups at the beach and walks along the estuary. 

One of the big events in our calendar is the annual Christmas ‘work do’. In the past we’ve dined out, dined in, drank cocktails, dressed up, worn onesies. No matter the venue, we’ve always acknowledged the highs and lows of our ‘work’ in preparation for downing tools and enjoying the festive pause.

Tonight’s the night! We’re still refining the details of how we’re going to meet. Messages going back and forth about hot water bottles strapped to backs, fire bowl and Gluhwein.

However it ends up looking, it matters and we’ll find a way to make it work.

Who do you count as your support team? Who do you want to hang with and acknowledge for their part in your life this year?

Whoever they are, I hope you can find a way to let them know they matter to you.❤️

Let’s flourish together!

Arlene x

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