Conscious Christmas

A few years back, myself and a couple of friends adopted the concept of ‘Conscious Christmas’. We’d gather for a cuppa and a natter somewhere in the weeks after Halloween and share how we’d really like Christmas to be. Then we’d consider what key actions or conversations were needed to make that happen.

Last year I felt like I nailed it.

We visited my folks in Ireland the last weekend in November, did a Thanksgiving style meal and exchanged gifts.

We spent the Sunday before Christmas with my husband’s family and had a full on festive meal, games and exchange of gifts. 

On the day itself we took time to enjoy little one discovering her stocking, then all headed out to do the local ParkRun with a family friend. Home again afterwards and back in to our pyjamas. We spoke with friends & family on the phone, opened our presents, enjoyed a simple roast dinner, watched a movie, and went out for an afternoon walk with coats and wellies on…over pyjamas😂.

The next day we met up with one of the grandparents at the beach for a walk and hot drinks.

It was wonderful: simple, spacious and enjoying the moments we had with others😊.

I thought I was doing okay this year, even feeling a little smug perhaps.

I bought daughter’s and husband’s present uncharacteristically early. 

The lights and greenery went up on first of December.

I have flights booked to visit my folks for a couple of days before Christmas.

Then this morning I woke up and clocked that it’s fourteen days to go. There are cards to be written, presents to buy and post. Arrangements to be made about how we’re actually going to see local friends & family over the festive period…..

AND I want to keep my attention on two projects that matter to me: getting my new blog up and running and completing the decoration of our bedroom.

Sitting her right now, I’m not sure how it will all work out.🤷🏻‍♀️

Note to self: use what works!💡

I’ll take time this evening to blurt on a page all that needs to be done. 

I’ll choose the top 3 most important things, get out my diary and schedule them.

I’ll pop a heart emoji beside those diary entries – do them with love.❤️

AND stick a post-it note on the edge of our hall mirror that says ‘Good Enough’!!

Christmas is a time to be kind. Whether you’ve all the cards and wrapping done, or still to venture up to the loft for the lights, remember to be kind to yourself too, dear friend. 

Let’s flourish together!🎄🎄🎄

Arlene x

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