This year’s mini-mini-break

This is the weekend when husband and I historically have a pre-Christmas mini-break. Past highlights have included Cologne Christmas market. More recently it’s meant leisurely Christmas shopping with a nice lunch, while mother-in-law has special time with little one.

This year’s version? We have two hours in the middle of today, just the two of us.

Not enough time to head out for a day trip, dining out ain’t calling, and there’s a pull to ‘do stuff.’

Yesterday evening I called a summit: let’s get expectations out on the table!

Get ahead with Christmas preparations, DIY, a couple of hours of work, give the house a good clean, spread compost at the allotment…yep, bit of an unrealistic mismatch!!

So, what have we come up with?

A walk together, from our doorstep, partly in nature and with time to browse a couple of our favourite independent local shops.

That’s it. That simple. Can’t wait.😊

Whatever your usual customs at this time of year, I hope you find a way to honour the essence of what matters to you.❤️❤️

Let’s flourish together!

Arlene x

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