Rest and Rejuvenate

I woke up this morning and felt different. My energy has shifted down a gear.

Out on the estuary, the deep bronze colour I’d been marvelling at the last few weeks has faded. The light is weaker. It looks colder.

I know that yesterday was a new moon. Could that have something to do with it?

This year I’ve been using The Almanac: a seasonal guide to 2020. Each month it has key dates, moon phases, tide timetables, sunrises as well as information on what’s occurring on the hedgerows and ideas for garden tasks.

It tells me that the new moon which started yesterday is called the Cold Moon.

It will grow in to the full moon on the 30th,

‘..the time when the moon is at its highest and brightest, conversely the sun is at its lowest and weakest. 

This is the time of the long sleeps, when the hedgerow inhabitants have tucked themselves back underground or into nooks out of harm’s way.’

Well that explains it! Deep rest is calling. Feels more needed than ever this year.

I’m going to take a few more days to get my hedgerow bed ready. I’ll be hibernating from 21st December – 6th January.

I wonder how you will honour your own need for rest at this time?

Let’s flourish (and hibernate!) together.

Arlene x

PS. The next new moon is on 13th January. A great time to set intentions for the growing year ahead. Shortly after, on 15th & 16th January, I’ll be hosting a workshop on behalf of The Writer’s Company. It’s called A New Future For Your Creativity. Find out more here

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