Completing the year powerfully

It’s easy, and understandable, to just want want this year to be over, to cross everything and hope that next year will be different.😳🤞

In so doing, might you be missing the opportunity to acknowledge and feel good about yourself? Also, to let go of ways of habits that no longer serve you? What we resist persists and all that!

Over the next couple of weeks, in our family, we’ll reflect gently on the year that was. 

On New Year’s Eve itself we often cook a feast and go through the year, taking it in turns to share what comes to mind. 

We’ve even been known to get the calendar out to prompt memories.

‘Oh, yeah, we did that this year!’

I think of this practice as making space for the new to reveal itself.

You can do this simply for yourself. Set some time aside, sit down with your journal, write ‘Reflections on 2021’ at the top of a page, and set what comes.

Here are a 3 simple prompts to get you going,

1. What do you want to acknowledge yourself for? What else? Can you think of 3 more?

2. Who and what are you grateful for? 

3. What have you learned?  What, if anything, would you do differently?

Tip 1 – Be as specific as possible. You’ll feel more connected to, ‘I learned how to use Zoom, attended all the sessions of my dance class and learnt the first two steps of the Quickstep’, rather than simply saying ‘I learned to dance’.

Tip 2 – No right answers! These are your reflections, your way.🤗

However you close the year and whatever rituals you use for yourself, I hope you are gentle with yourself.❤️

Let’s flourish together!💖💖💖

Arlene x

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