Choosing your Christmas

The next two weeks are going to be different than how this time of year usually looks. 

It’s easy to feel at the behest of current guidelines or lack of things to do.

Cue Viktor Frankl!

The last of the human freedoms: to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. And there were always choices to make. 

Viktor E Frankl, Man’s Search For Ultimate Freedom

Here are 5 things I’m choosing for this festive period:

1. Reading more. Always top of my list when it comes to holiday time. I’ll (finally!) finish Hilary Mantel’s third book in the Thomas Cromwell trilogy, The Mirror and The Light, and move on to Michelle Obama’s autobiography: been saving this one!

2. Food. Husband and I share a passion for food and cookery. Holidays are a time when we get to indulge that. He’s excited to be serving up his first ever home-grown sprouts. I’m excited to make use of a free tagine pot that someone was getting rid of.

3. TV. I’m looking forward to watching movies and a couple of series. We’ve got Amazon Prime for a month and we’ll buy Netflix to follow on through until the end January. I’m looking forward to Little Fires Everywhere, season 4 of The Crown and easygoing family movies.

4. Puppy time. We have a 20 week old puppy🐕. Up until now I’ve been main carer which has been special AND has meant lots of floor cleaning, training, trying out various teething toys, and moving everything out of reach! I’m looking forward to more time with her as a family.

5. Lights. I love seeing my daughter’s eyes light up when we drive past people’s lit houses. We’re going to do pre-bedtime dog walks to enjoy.

I wonder, what you’re choosing for your Christmas?🤔

Let’s flourish together!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Arlene x

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