About Me

Hi, I’m Arlene!

I love, love love, helping others to bring out the best in themselves: to flourish.

At the same time, I understand that this involves navigating tough times.


I’ve yearned for stuff to happen. I was very good at making other people’s stuff happen. I planned how to make my own life stuff happen. That didn’t quite work out. I’ve sat back and waited for it to happen. That didn’t really work either🤷🏻‍♀️.

I’ve gone down career paths that I felt I ‘should’ go down. I’ve realised these were not for me🤦🏻‍♀️.

I’ve tried to make a family happen and then realised that IVF wasn’t for me😞.

I became an adoptive mum at 43🤗 after over 10 years of trying for a family.

A year later I had an early menopause😳.

Over time, I’ve discovered how to flourish in a sustainable way.

I’ve found a way to draw forth my vision for my future, to use it as a compass and at the same time, to hold it lightly and allow myself to be curious and surprised. To find a balance between action and receptivity.

I allow my love for Mother Earth, the cycles and the seasons to provide a natural framework for the way I live my life.

I’ve learnt how to prioritise ME: to tend to my own life, weed out disempowering beliefs and ‘shoulds’, and replace perfectionism with ‘good enough’. 

I’ve developed a way to live my life from the ground up. To prioritise the things that make the biggest difference to my wellbeing each day – meditation, food, and exercise – so that I can show up and be the person I’m meant to be, and do the things that I’m meant to do.

I am living proof that when I do this, my young daughter and those around me flourish too.

I am deeply grateful to all those who have supported me on my journey so far. I am here to support you on your’s.


Maybe you sense something is off, or simply want to feel happier in your day-to-day. You’re less tolerant of things in your life that feel out of alignment with your values. Maybe this is showing up in your work, or your relationships. 

Or maybe you’re full on heading into, or are in, a major life transition: dealing with peri-menopause, family milestones….or changes in the world! You’re feeling unsettled by what’s happening and at the same time have an inkling that there could be an opportunity here to make something new for yourself.

Maybe you’ve tried making changes before but something feels off: it all feels like a ‘should’ and more of the same old ‘having it all’ mentality.

It can feel overwhelming; how to create the space, time and energy for change when you’re already full with obligations, commitments, and habits?

Right now, the world needs us to find ways of living in the world which are gentler, balanced and meaningful. It all starts with us as individuals.

If you would like some support on your journey, please get in touch for a free conversation about what that might look like.

Let’s flourish together!

Arlene x

Get in touch with Arlene on 07905 498228 or email arlene@arlenefl.com

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