Pollyanna 2

I’m a positive kind of a girl. My dad use to call me Pollyanna when I was little😊. I recalled this recently while reading or listening to others declaring their own fondness for this much maligned, happy-go-lucky character. In case you’re not familiar, Pollyanna was an orphan who went to live with her cold, spinsterContinue reading “Pollyanna 2”

Seasons of mist

It’s that time of year. Yesterday was a clear, crisp autumn day with amazing light. We spent most fo it outside: a long walk, greeting the many others who were doing the same. Then time in the garden, working and playing. It was one of those lovely full days when things unfold with ease.
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When you’re in a funk…

How do you manage yourself when you’re in a low spin? Focusing on the things that aren’t working or that you haven’t done? That’s where I am at the moment.😞

It’s 3:45 in the afternoon and all I can think of about my day so far is: the argument I had with my husband – about the fence he’s erecting in the garden, but of course not really about the fence;

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Meditation’s what you need…

…if you wanna cope with COVID /life / yourself!🤪

If I had to choose the biggest thing that makes the biggest difference to my day-to-day experience of life? Meditation without a doubt.

I remember back when I first did yoga in the sports hall at university with a lovely middle aged lady – who BTW if you had met her would confound all your expectations about what a yoga body ‘should’ look like!

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Be like a tree🍁

I have a little book which I open up each morning – well, 3 actually! One is Thich Nhat Hanh’s, How To Love.

I close my eyes, flick my thumb across the pages (my version fo a shuffle) and then see where it falls open.

I go through phases where I find myself staring at the same passage and this morning’s is one of those. It’s titled, No Self.

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Keeping it real

It was US election Day yesterday. I just remembered. They’ll have finished up voting in all the states now. God bless America. She needs it right now like the rest of us.❤️

For now, I’m choosing not to look at the news of the latest predictions.  Instead I’m staring at a montage of inspiring visuals and words.

I sit facing my noticeboard as I write.

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There are self-help mentors out there who just seem to have it sorted. You know that of course they don’t, but there are times when you’re reading their work or watching their online webinars, and it all seems so easy and formulaic.

Now there is of course a reason why these people have a following: they’ve walked the talk, and have much of value to share to help others thrive.

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