It’s Winter Solstice today and, drum roll please… 50 of writing these daily posts. Yay! I did it!⭐️ Winter Solstice marks a key transition point in the seasonal calendar: a time to pause between the two halves of the year. When you look back at your journey since Summer Solstice, What have you experienced?  WhatContinue reading “Pause”


Right now I’m dealing with changes to Christmas plans….and I do not like it one little bit!😡 Perhaps you can relate?!! I’m noticing a pull to still make a booked trip happen: checking the latest COVID guidance and plotting routes; feeling reactive when others suggest leaving it for now. I do not want to surrender!Continue reading “Surrendering”

Nearly there…

My theme for the week is, A Strong Finish. The intention behind this is taking action on stuff that really matters.💪 At the same time, allowing myself to be curious and surprised by how it unfolds.🤷🏻‍♀️ A balance between action and receptivity. There’s a quote on my husband’s noticeboard, We cannot direct the wind  butContinue reading “Nearly there…”

Gently does it

A simple question for today, What would it look like to be kind to yourself? Remember, you are enough and the wheel of the year will keep on turning. Let’s take a breath and flourish together, Arlene x

Rest Time

I grew up in Northern Ireland in the 70’s in a mainly Protestant town where Sunday, the day of rest, was strictly observed. Everything (and I mean everything!) was closed. Think Footloose with Ian Paisley playing the minister!🕺🏻😳 As happens, my journey to uncover, and get comfortable with, my own spirituality took a while. IContinue reading “Rest Time”